Going to Ukraine!

It’s Thursday morning about 11:00 a.m. mid July. I am dead asleep on the couch after working the morning shift at the airport. My phone rings and Shannon’s voice chimes in, expectant and elated, “David, are you ready for this!?” Although my mind was still lethargic from sleep, I immediately knew what was about to happen. Shannon was going to read me “The Email”, the response we have been waiting for since early spring: the General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church was offering us a job to take over a campus ministry in Ukraine!!!!

It is now the middle of August and our preparations are well underway. We are hoping to make trips home to Illinois and Texas and visit both our families before departure. Assuming everything goes well with formal missionary checks – we are not deemed psychologically unstable, potential political threats, theologically heretical, etc. – we will be headed to upstate New York on September 21st for training and off to Ukraine sometime after October 14th.

So, this is our new blog – Goranimals – and we hope to use it to keep in touch with everyone and share our thoughts and the happenings of our lives and ministry in Ukraine. This blog will be our principle vehicle for missionary communication. We still are planning to maintain other forms of contact like update letters, but we hope to use this blog primarily.

Thanks for stopping by and visit often.

All of God’s peace and graces, David and Shannon

More details on our preparations and Ukrainian missionary assignment later.


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