Going earlier.

We’ll…Shannon and I got an email a couple of days ago which basically informed us that our scheduled pre-missionary service training was not going to happen and we were welcome to leave for Ukraine as soon as possible. We kind of knew this was a possibility. When we got hired and were trying to schedule everything around this event this forewarning loomed in the background: “The dates are concrete but the training is not, figure that one out.” Such is bureaucracy I suppose.

All that to say, we will be leaving earlier, approximately mid-September and our immediate task when we get there will be primarily to learn language. To do so we will enroll in a Ukrainian course at L’viv University and will continue in intensive acquisition until March when we return for three weeks for the next scheduled training and commissioning. Until then our role in the student ministry will be simply to show up and build relationships.

We are still plugging away with everything. Shannon and I are both done with work and simply trying to tie up a bunch of loose ends. We had a garage sale which went quite well and we have said more goodbyes than either of us care to. But it is time to go and we are ready.


2 thoughts on “Going earlier.

  1. I am glad you guys will be doing this blog-thing. I will be praying for God to move mightily in the hearts of the Ukrainian people. Love you both. Justin

  2. David,

    That’s awesome. I am glad you all are leaving earlier rather than later, and actually the missionary training will be better after having seen the place you will be serving. God is behind all of this and we look at this as just one more way God has provided for us, by bringing on a great couple like you two to and in a speedy way!

    By the way – if you say Lvov and not Lviv i will half to fly over there and throw down! Lvov is Russian Lviv is Ukrainian. But you know what on second thought I won’t have to waste the airfare the students will take you out themselves!

    I pray God makes you a nationalist soon. I now bleed orange ukrainian blood. And with Russia invading georgia it won’t be long before they put thier eyes on Ukraine and you two will want to stand for Ukraine and oppose all russifications.

    You guys are just absolutely going to excell in Lviv. And the students will fall for you in about 2 minutes after meeting you! Just let them love you and say yes to all outside excursions and no to all work until you get the culture and language going.

    Peace out!


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