A potential for church planting.

If I can get Mrs. Busy Bee Shannon to sit down and write her first post, we can share a little more about the actual ministry in L’viv (since she has already been involved with it). However, until that seemingly elusive day comes, I am going to have to limit the ministry’s description to a simple ambition we have for the future.

We are going to be overseeing a campus ministry. Think of something similar to an Intervaristy, Campus Crusade for Christ, Baptist Student Union (BSU), The Navigators, and of course the Methodist pedigree, a Wesley Foundation. This is the kind of thing we are going to be doing except there are a number of interesting differences considering the change in cultural context. One difference in particular is the involvement of students who have since graduated from college and are still involved in the student ministry. I’m not complaining. Our pioneering predecessors (Fred and Stacy Vanderwerf) evidently have done an excellent job at creating an authentic fellowship that people don’t want to leave. But, what do you do when students start transitioning into adult lifestyles? While we are not positive that planting a church is the solution in this context, it sure sounds like a great possibility and something that makes us excited.

On an entirely different note, on our way to visit my brother Danny in po-dunk Kansas, Shannon and I found this little hilarious intersection of denominational history. Apparently some fellow Asbury graduates mixed up their theological associations…(if this doesn’t make any sense to you, Mr. Francis Asbury is a famous Methodist)

Wesleyan Tradition Fail

Wesleyan Tradition Fail


6 thoughts on “A potential for church planting.

  1. Nice sign. Hope you enjoy visiting your brother, and we’re glad to hear about the ministry possibilities. Graduates are no doubt hard to deal with. we had the same problem with youth ministry where we essentially had to either run people off or help them to completely re envision their participation in the group.

  2. I notice that you neglected to mention the interp. dance ministry that you’ll be heading. Three words to prepare you…”Dance, Dance, Revolution.”

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