I Like Ike

Whoooaw.  I am in Houston, it is September and a big ol’ masculine storm named Ike is fixin’ to make landfall on the coast just south of us.  While this might be old hat to our hurricane veteran readership from southern Texas, let me assure you, for an Illinois newbie like myself this whole ordeal is pretty amazing.  Borrowing from one of the catchiest political slogans ever,

Now, let me follow that up by acknowledging the seriousness of hurricanes.  I am not trying to make light of the situation and the potential danger and loss for all those involved.  However, at this point I am in Houston, this is the first and potentially only hurricane I will get to experience and I have every intention of enjoying it as best possible.  

I am not the only one who is enjoying it either.  Today I drove with Shannon and Betty (Shannon’s Mom) to a little town in East Texas to pick up Maw Maw (Shannon’s 80 year old Grandma).  Maw Maw is going to weather out the storm with us in Houston, which doesn’t make much sense because it looks like East Texas is going to receive a lighter hit than Houston. 

“Are you sure you want to come with us Maw Maw?” I asked her.  

“Well, David,” Maw Maw replies back with her wonderful East Texas country drawl “you have to look at it this way: I’m old and this might be the last one I get to see.”

On our way back to Houston we started to observe some of the evacuation crazies.  Of course, traffic was nuts.  The hour and a half trip going was four returning and we didn’t even get the brunt of it.  All major roads out of Houston were backed up like something from my nightmares.  Gas stations have been out of control.  Those that still have gas are lined up into the streets.  Houses and businesses are busy boarding up windows.  Foodstuffs are being stockpiled.  Grills are being primed in case of power loss.  Get ready, cause here Ike comes!

Today we get to sit on the porch and wait for this bad boy to come in.  It should slowly gain and gain until it hits sometime after midnight tonight.  Look for the Goranimals maskot on the map below to see our approximate location.  Until later…

Sit tight.

Sit tight goranimal.


6 thoughts on “I Like Ike

  1. Glad you are enjoying your first hurricane David. I was thinking of you both this morning and wondered what ya’ll were up to in Houston. We miss you guys! Continue to keep us up dated.

  2. Hey Dave,
    Yeah, I love to experience a good storm. When I started at Asbury I drove through what was left of Hurricane Katrina as I drove through southern Illinois and Indiana. Even that far north it was pretty wild weather. I’ve really been enjoying your blog man.

  3. This is my first comment on a blog. It took awhile to figure out how to do it. Bob called last evening and told me how prepared y’all were so it seems it is just a wait until it passes thing. Hope so. Don’t know if I’d say a hurricane can be enjoyed but it will be an experience all will remember for years to come. It is more dramatic when there are those you know in harm’s way.

    Do keep us posted but if the power goes I imagine so do the messages.

  4. This is hilarious. I feel like that’s all I ever say in my comments here, but really. You’re a great writer and you’re hilarious. Hope you all survived the storm that there was no major loss or damage for Shannon’s family.

    Get out your canoe or water skis and have fun out there. Be sure to take lots of pictures!

  5. You know, David…If you were a real fisherman you’d put on some waders, brave the flooded streets, reach your hand into some drain culverts and noodle some catfish.

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