Go Horns!

For everyone who was terribly concerned that I might miss my Longhorns play in the Red River Shootout this weekend, rest assured, my wonderful husband found the game on the Internet.  We then purchased a month subscription to ESPN 360 (I think David had some ulterior basketball motives) and enjoyed an amazing game and even made some ‘American’ treats.  We found some ‘salsa’ in the grocery store and I cooked some of the lavash you saw in a previous post, which we made into ‘tortilla chips.’  We made French fries with some Ukrainian potato seasoning – very yummy.  Of course we finished dinner with chocolate.  The chocolate is called Sveetouch and is made in L’viv.  How great that the air sometimes smells like chocolate!


Beat the heck outa' OU!

Beat the heck out of OU!


So after such a great win, two days later, I have learned that my Horns are ranked number one in the nation.  This is so exciting, what a 30th birthday present.  Too bad there is no one here to enjoy it with.  David tries…but he’s an Illini and not a Longhorn and there’s just not much I can do about that.   




8 thoughts on “Go Horns!

  1. Happy 30th Birthday! I knew it was some time soon! I hope you had a great one, even though you are in a new place. There will be goodies on the way soon!
    Go Dawgs! 🙂

  2. David, I am glad to hear that you didn’t waste any money to tune in to the Illini losing to the bucktooth gophers. Happy Birthday Shannon! BTW, I was cheering for Texas. I really like their quarterback.

  3. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a great one! How exciting that you’re in Ukraine on your 30th bday. I spent my 30th there, too!! I had dinner at a pizzeria in Odessa. Were you there with me?

  4. Hey lady- glad you got to watch the horns. We had a similar funny watching situation in the hospital. And, the room 2 doors down from us had about 20 people in it! Look for a belated b-day package from us soon too.

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