Hungry Students

I originally wanted to tell you about David lighting one of our peaches.  A peach is the old heating system in Ukraine.  It does not look like a peach or smell like a peach but you would pronounce it exactly the same.   

 However, something even more exciting than David playing with fire is currently happening.  A couple of international students that we have been interacting with in our Ukrainian class have shown interest in faith.  The first student, who is only 18 is Bovin.  Bovin is from a China and has developed quite the affection toward David – one of those ‘older brother’ admirations.  He comes with us everyday to eat lunch.  Actually David and I eat and he watches, he doesn’t like Ukrainian food.  Many of the students are curious why we are here, and they don’t quite understand pastor, church and all of our other Christian jargon.  But Bovin wants to hang out so badly he asked if he could come with us one night.  So last Thursday, he came to Pilgrims and really enjoyed it.

 After the service ended David and I were talking with some people and David overheard some of our Ukrainian students saying to Bovin, “what, you don’t believe in anything?…are you an atheist?…you are an atheist.”  At that point David realized two things, he needed to rescue Bovin and that our students are in need of evangelism training.  However, on our walk home, it sounded as though the evening all worked out for the best when Bovin told David he was maybe interested in becoming a Christian.

 There is also a Chinese girl in class, her name is Elisa.  She is so nice and also curious.  She asked me what I did over the weekend.  She wanted to know if I went to church and prayed.  I said yes, I did.  She said she wanted to come next time.  David and I then attempted to explain that our big gathering is on Thursday evenings and it is mostly with students.  We told her she is more than welcome to come.  She seemed happy about the invitation, even though I am pretty sure she doesn’t know exactly where she is going or what will be happening there.

 Remember these are young Chinese students, far from home, looking for friends.  Their English is minimal, but much better than our Chinese.  So with some gestures, pointing and smiles I feel as though our points are made and surely the Holy Spirit is at work.  David keeps saying “this is so easy” but I think Jesus makes his point clear. If we make ourselves available he will use us, even going before us and preparing people for the Good News.       


5 thoughts on “Hungry Students

  1. hey shannon,

    great post! it really illustrates something that our mentor has been telling us (over and over-on those days when the last thing I want to do is learn Dutch):

    language learning IS ministry.

  2. Great post and its wonderful to hear how the Lord is using you guys. Dave…if I had a nickle for every time I heard Bob Tuttle say evangelism is “so easy” then I’d be able to buy 1,000 acres of river bottom. And your both right. Tuttle always said “evangelism is just showing up and paying attention to the Holy Spirit.” Its so good to hear you’re building relationships with neat people. We love you guys!

  3. Shannon, reading your post really made me excited! It was wonderful to read. If you ever want any cultural advice about relating to Chinese students, one of my best friends here in med school and also a housemate of mine is first-generation Chinese-American. He’s done missionary work in China and really has a heart for seeing people come to Christ. I have no idea what kind of advice you would need but if you think of anything feel free to ask. I’m sure Jon would love to help. Great to hear how God is using you guys for His glory.

  4. Gorans, its so awesome you all are there! You have just the right kind of hearts for this type of ministry. You all being STRANGERS will help you tons in realting to other internationals who are STRANGERS.

    Praise God for you both, and your minsitry

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