Video from Ukrainian Parliament.

Having just observed a whole season of political campaigning and now the completion of the elections in the States, I am wondering how effective our new president will be at implementing his projected plans. Observing everything from Ukraine with Ukrainians has been especially interesting considering how many people here are jaded about recent political efficacy.  A short while ago the president of Ukraine dissolved Parliament and hardly anyone seems to care.  I guess you could say that the recent political deterioration has led many Ukrainians to just throw their hands up in the air.  According to this video, some Ukrainian politicians are throwing blows as well.


P.S. I also hope you all noticed there are now two “goranimals” on the heading picture. : )


8 thoughts on “Video from Ukrainian Parliament.

  1. great video. who needs a political process-that’s what fists are for!

    in all seriousness, Ukraine seems to be at a crossroads, and unfortunately it seems that both the u.s and russia have their own interests at stake…

  2. Hey Guys…

    We met last Tuesday (first week back in several months!) and are kicking these back off with the small group, we really miss you guys though – but know that you are where you need to be. Where God needs you to be…

    Nicole’s changed the blog address if you wanna update or add it to your favorites:

    Hope things are going well for you guys. We’re praying for you.


  3. Dave…no worries about last Saturday…at least basketball has started right?

    Found a team yet? When are you going to try out for the pros over there? We need to know these details man, give us the important stuff!

  4. Ohio State…ya, no worries…we’ll get you next year, without doubt, at home. I make no promises regarding Illinois basketball until next year. This year I have already chalked up as a lost cause.
    Man, you are reminding me how badly I need to play ball. I have not even played ball once since moving here and I am starting to feel it. Hopefully a Ukrainian pro-league will give me a buzz soon…

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