The end of month two.

Shannon and I have been here about two months now and I think we are finally settling into our new life. With a little help from IKEA and a number of little odd and end stores we have managed to acquire things like a new toilet seat, bedroom curtains, and bedding which have all helped to make our place feel like our home.  To add, Shannon and I have both battled bouts of sickness; I always feel more at home when I have finally overcome my first sickness in a new location. 

When we arrived here two months ago, in late September, the weather was still pleasant, maybe mid 60s. However, since our arrival the temperature has followed a steady descent. Yesterday evening we got our first dusting of snow and this morning we awoke to a crisp, clean white finish.

Our snowy street from the front window.

Our snowy street from the front window.

In addition to getting a start on language acquisition, two months has also been enough time for us to get better acquinted with the current state of our ministry at Molod do’ Isusa: who we are, what we do, and where we might be going.  Although Shannon already explained it in an earlier post, who we are is worth repeating. Molod do’ Isusa is a university student ministry and more specifically, a United Methodist sponsored, interdenominational student ministry in L’viv, Ukraine.  

Answering the next question, what we do, has probably been the biggest place of discovery for Shannon and I these last two months.  Although we are technically not supposed to be the primary leaders until we are formally trained and commissioned and our intense language training is over, being involved has been inevitable.  We are having meetings with an unofficial leadership team.  We have visited an orphanage through our “Compassion Ministry” with plans to visit another soon.  We have been involved in a bunch of other various organizational roles, and we have been trying to participate in small groups and other various events.  It looks like we could have a lot more on our plate soon.  Some of the students want to do a small English camp this summer.  We are also hoping to replace our heating system.  In addition, there are also tenative plans to renovate and remodel the student center.  If you want to check out some of the things we do for yourself, we just found out last week that our ministry has a blossoming webpage with pictures!  It is in Cyrillic but you might still be interested, check it out here

Where might we going at Molod do Isusa?  This might be the most important question we are asking right now and I am not sure we can give a very concrete answer.  Surely we want to continue and strengthen this wonderful thing we have stepped into here in L’viv.  But now, as we continue to study language and culture, I think we will be patient, try to keep quiet, observe and pray to see how God’s Spirit might continue to guide us.


3 thoughts on “The end of month two.

  1. I’ve been thinking about and praying for you guys on your first Thanksgiving in your new home. I hope you were able to have at least a few of your favorite feast treats.

    We miss you two and think of you often.

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