Millions of Peaches

Our Peach

Our Living Room Peach

With the Russian-Ukrainian gas crisis hitting the world news hard the last couple of weeks, Shannon and I thought it would be a good time to share a little bit about our very interesting heaters here in Ukraine.  Yes, they are called Peaches (although that is probably not exactly how you would transliterate the Ukranian word)  and yes, there are millions of them scattered around this country.

Basically, ‘peach technology’ works to create heat the same way a wood burning stove creates heat.  A fire is created inside an enclosed structure which traps and transfers heat energy to the material enclosing it.  This material, often a ceramic tile of some sort, serves both to hold and release heat into the room.  Most peaches were originally wood burning which is evidenced by hatches for wood entry and ash removal as well as burn marks on your floor.  Now, in many of the cities in Ukraine, peaches have been converted for gas use.

One of the more important pending projects on the docket for our Student Center is upgrading our peaches.  We have some very old Peaches in the student center and new, far more energy efficient systems are available; which means it is definitely time to upgrade.  While we still are going to have to tough out the rest of this winter with our old peaches, assuming we can navigate the labyrinth of Ukrainian municipal processes, we will be upgraded by next winter.

We were going to try to attach a video of me almost sending myself to the hospital on our first attempt at lighting the peach in our apartment but I couldn’t figure out how to attach it, oh well.

Peach also make wonderful fireplaces.

Peaches also make wonderful fireplaces.


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