Pastor’s Conference

David and I just experienced our first Ukrainian/Moldovan United Methodist Pastor’s Conference.  It was held in Kiev, which is the capital city of Ukraine, in the center of the country, as well as where the district superintendent, Bill Lovelace, lives.  The conference took place in his home.  Here is our schedule for those UM people who might be interested.

 Wednesday, March 18, 2009

6:45am   Took express train from L’viv to Kiev

1pm        Arrived in Kiev

6pm        Pastor’s meeting begins with dinner (pizza – only a slice and a half!)

7pm        New pastors to the conference give their testimony

8:30pm   Travel to dormitories (overnight accommodations)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

7:30am   Breakfast (oatmeal and bread with cheese and sausage [a hot dog])

10am      Meeting begins – discussed upcoming conferences, finances and a mission statement for the Ukrainian United Methodist Church

1:30pm   Lunch (Potato House)

3pm        Reviewed General Conference Goals

5:30pm   Dinner  (Opened face, Norwegian style sandwiches made by Helen)

6:00pm   Finances with Helen Lovelace (conference finance secretary)

9:00pm   Return to dormitories

Friday, March 20, 2009

7:30am   Breakfast (a thinner oatmeal with boiled eggs on the side)

10am      Meeting begins (received specific church updates and prayed for the specific congregations and the pastors as they shared)

1pm        End of Conference

5pm        the train we would have taken back to L’viv  (if we were not going to visit my sister!)

 The NCAA tournament also began Thursday evening.  David couldn’t help but watch some of the tournament while the pastors were having their individual turns talking to Helen.  A couple of the pastor asked David whether he was friends with some of the players :).  Although David was only able to watch about half an hours worth, I think that is all he needed to feel not so far from home.

 Friday was a moving day.  After the church congregations were prayed for we focused on other more personal issues surrounding the pastors and prayed for these.  It was a very powerful and exciting time to see the Ukrainian and Moldavian United Methodist Pastors as a praying community.  To know that an informational and administrative conference can still be so full of worship and personal commitment to each other was wonderful.      

Our Moldovan and some western Ukrainian Pastors

Our Moldovan and some western Ukrainian Pastors


Lubomir and some pastors from Kiev

Lubomir and some pastors from Kiev










3 thoughts on “Pastor’s Conference

  1. So. . . are you in Spain now?!

    Also, does David know that all of the ncaa games are broadcast live on Kent has been watching them there!

  2. so i slice and a half of pizza wasnt enough for ya? Im not gonna say it but you know what im thinking. Hope things are Well for you guys later.

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