Spring is Here – We Think

Being from Texas, I’ve always heard…”If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute, it will change.”  When I moved to Kentucky to go to school, they said the same.  Then I met David and his family (from Illinois) and they also say to wait.  So I began to think, maybe that’s weather everywhere.  Then I moved to Ukraine.

When we arrived in September, the cool off had begun.  We continued to loose a degree or two everyday.  By the end of October it was cloudy.  It stayed cloudy everyday except for two that I can remember until a week ago.  Our temperatures hit their lows by the end of December and stayed there until the end of February.  Then they began creeping up a degree or two everyday starting the beginning of March.  Slow and steady.  

I’ve never lived anywhere that has such boring weather.  Don’t get me wrong.  It can be beautiful, nasty, cold, hot, dry and wet, just not all in one day, or one week, or maybe even one month.  So when winter comes, everyone knows they are in for a cold, cloudy six months.  But on the flip side, when spring comes, you know you are in for a warm, sunny six months.

And needless to say spring is here.  There are smiles on peoples faces, children in the greening parks, outside cafes being set up EVERYWHERE, birds returning, the beginning of green growth.  People’s winter sprint has turned into a spring stroll.  The awful dirt-slush is gone from the streets and sidewalks.  Men are out playing chess, cards and dominoes on every street and park bench that is not occupied by a young couple.  It’s amazing how weather can change things.  We welcome you spring!


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