A Week of Firsts

Time has been flying by lately and I thought I might share a couple of “first” for the brief this week.

1. First Sermon at Pilgrims: Yes, our time of being committed to language without preaching is over and last week I preached my first sermon at Pilgrims. It went well and it seems that the students were very ready to hear me preach and very ready for a consistent preacher. I am excited about preaching and hopefully I will continue to be as I will be doing quite a bit of it in the near future.

2. First “Second” Anniversary in Ukraine. Yes, May 19th was our Anniversary. We celebrated by taking the day off, having a nice lunch, and relaxing! It was wonderful.

3. First Collegiate Basketball Championship! Yes, you heard that correctly. My team, at Ivan Franco University on Wednesday, May 20th, defeated the Physical Institute, to win the Collegiate Regional Championship! Although I did not play quite as well as I did the last game, I still am proud of my performance. I did not do so well in the foul department and had three fouls early but I had to guard a guy who was easily a foot and a half taller than me the whole game. This was also my first game against a professional team, as these guys get paid and are actually in the lower of the two Ukrainian professional leagues. I am pretty sure our season is over, but we may keep playing because I am not exactly sure how things work here. Whatever the case is, it has been a wonderful experience. Thank you Jesus.





A little live game action....

A little live game action....

Circle Dance

Circle Dance

4. And finally, first Ukrainian snake. Caught it in a small wood tract where tons of people go and make sish-kabobs!  Wish I knew what kind it was.

Keeping my distance.

Keeping my distance.



6 thoughts on “A Week of Firsts

  1. Hey man,
    Have to say I love the first Ukrainian snake picture. I’d be blogging about that too. Too bad we only got to go snake hunting once in Wilmore. You should see if anyone has made a field guide for that area.

  2. I didn’t know they had t-shirts in Ukraine…

    If your team beats a pro team, does that automatically raise you to pro status? If so, let me know so I can tell my friends that I watched a pro-Ukrainian basketball star play once in the Asbury Student Center gym.

    • I am considering making a T-shirt for myself and if I do, I will make two and send one! I don’t think beating a pro-team makes us professional but I think it may give us some clout to go ask the university to kind of sponsor us into the semi-pro league, which one of my teammates said we might do. I might be a pro yet.

      • Do you think it’s possible that you and Shannon were really sent to Ukraine so you could lead the university basketball team to stardom?

        Something to consider…

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