Family and a Team

Shannon and I have been both gearing up and slowing down lately: slowing down in the sense that the students are finishing their month long season of sporadic finals (and consequently activities at the student center have slowed down) and gearing up in the sense that a short term missions team has arrived from Lubbick, Texas and we have been preparing for weeks to put on both a week long student center retreat as well as a vacation bible school at a local orphanage.  Not everything is in place quite yet but we are getting there.  I am finishing up a sermon series on the life of Jacob for the camp, Shannon is writing devotionals and taking care of a lot of nuts and bolts, and our counterparts are preparing some English language activities.  For the VBS, we are still painfully short on volunteers.  We are going to have 90 kids…..and so far there is about 6 committed people…but we are praying for things to change.

To throw another little interesting twist into the mix, my family has also come to visit this last week.  My brother, Danny, arrived first, then my parents, and then my twin brother Jacob also made it.  It has been great having everyone here with us.  A huge blessing to say the least and it has been great to share our new lives in Ukraine with everyone.  The best part of the whole trip so far has been unplanned, a T.V. interview of my parents and Danny about whether or not Ukraine, L’viv, is ready for the onslaught on tourists slated to arrive Eurocup 2012 if L’viv is given opportunity to host some soccer games.  If I am understanding it right, the commentator is talking about specifically American tourists perspectives on L’viv and says Danny’s comment goes without saying.  If you know Danny, the rest speaks for itself.  Glad to see we are hitting the National News so strong! Look foward to a post about the camp in a week and a half or so.

The video of Danny starts at about 2:50, enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Family and a Team

  1. Dave…Dave…has Shannon taught you nothing about your TX cities? 🙂 It’s Lubbock with an “o” not Lubbick. We miss you guys and are glad you have family there with you during this time.

  2. Well I see someone already beat me to correcting your spelling of Lubbock!!!!

    Miss you guys.

    Shannon– you need to be a little more hardcore with David’s Texas training. I’m thinking we need to pull out some Texas flash cards.


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