VBS – Ukrainian style

So you might be wondering what Ukrainian style means…I’m alluding to most international mission trips hosting Vacation Bible Schools (VBS).  Yes, you are correct if you were thinking loud, messy, hot, dirty, unorganized, difficult to sing songs in another language, difficult to preform a skit in another language as well as difficult to explain a craft in another language.  At least loving and playing can be done and done well in any language.

We originally planned to do VBS over four days, when our Texas team shrunk and our students didn’t come forward like we thought they would, we became timid and cut out a day.  When we called the orphanage to tell them, they said, “WHAT?”  We thought you were only coming for one day.  Erika, our student that called the orphanage compromised with us coming for two days.  That should have been a clue to the fun we had in store.

All in all we did have fun.  We ended up with five Americans and about 11 Ukrainians.  The story of Daniel was shared, pictures were drawn, games were played and cookies were eaten even if it wasn’t how we originally planned.  But that’s when memories are made, right?































































2 thoughts on “VBS – Ukrainian style

  1. Forgive me if this is a stupid question…do all children in Ukraine wear hats? I didn’t know if it was a cultural thing or just a coincidence.

    We’re thrilled you were able to have family with you. And, a chuckle barely describes our response to the news story with Dave’s brother. We miss you and hope it wasn’t too painful to say goodbye to family.

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