Mushroom Hunting



While I have often been discouraged by the complete lack of wildlife in Ukraine, one national pastime that has surely benefited from a lack of  mammals is mushroom hunting.  While most Americans in the woods have almost no idea what is fair game for food, when you take Ukrainians into the woods in the summer everything suddenly become edible.  As for mushrooms, everyone seems to know which mushrooms are the tasty mushrooms, which mushrooms are going to make you sick, and which mushrooms will make you fly and then crash and burn.  I went mushroom hunting with Lubomir and we did well, two big medium sized bags full of fungi.  Here is some of our bounty.  The big white one in the middle is the diamond in the rough: a white mushroom.  Apparently they get to be double that size.  That one was delicious and I look forward to eating his fungal relatives again soon.


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