Stateside for a bit.

Well, Shannon and I are back in the states for about a month after being in Ukraine almost exactly a year.  It has been wonderful to be back and we are experiencing a slight bit of reverse culture-shock.  I think we are both most surprised by being able to understand everything that is going on around us.  We feel very overstimulated!

We spent the few days in Manassas, Virginia with Grace United Methodist Church.  This was our first time visiting a church and it was a wonderful experience.  Grace UMC gave us the opportunity to share from the pulpit and do the missions moment at all three of their Sunday services.  I was a little bit intimidated seeing as I had never formally preached at an American church before nor had I preached without a translator in a while, but it all seemed to go quite well.  One of the main goals of our visit, beyond sharing about Molod do Isusa and generating support, was to create some interest and enthusiasm for a short-term trip Grace is planning to do with us next summer.  Grace showed us amazing hospitality while we were there and we felt incredibly encouraged and blessed to have the church care so much about us and our ministry.  Thank you Grace, it was a wonderful time and we look forward to seeing you again soon!   

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Other random highlights of our time home so far include visiting my good friend Rob and his wife Liz, seeing my first Copperhead on a trail we hiked, and also watching Shannon run like a bandit from the second Copperhead I have ever seen.  I also got to go fishing and Shannon enjoyed a nice peddicure.  It is good to enjoy some of the pampering of home.  


We will spend the next three weeks in Stony Point, New York at a missionary training that we were supposed to have before we left in 2008 but has been postponed until now.  It will be good to have our many questions answered and become a little bit more familiar with the procedures of the General Board of Global Ministries.  Look for a new newsletter soon.  God bless.


7 thoughts on “Stateside for a bit.

  1. Shannon…or Dave…is Skype the best way to reach you while you’re here??? Or, do you have a cell phone by any chance. Email me please. 🙂

  2. It was so great to hang out with you guys and to hear you talk about the work you’re doing with the students. I’m praying for you both as you travel back to Ukraine. I hope somebody let’s you open a window. 😉

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