Some really, really great news!

So….Shannon is pregnant!  We are pumped, overwhelmed with joy, feeling fantastically blessed, and boundlessly thankful.

Things are moving along and currently Shannon is finishing up her 1st trimester.  All in all, the 1st trimesters wasn’t too bad.  Other than a little bit of nauseousness and the need for a bit more sleep, she has been pretty healthy.

The due date for this little one is the 1oth of May.  Shannon will be coming home to Texas to deliver and I will join her with about two weeks to go.  As for now, we anxiously await the newest goranimal!  If you would like to see the newest family picture, check out the dashboard at the top of the page :).


16 thoughts on “Some really, really great news!

  1. CONGRATS!!! We are SUPER excited for you guys! Are you going to find out ahead of time what you’re having?

    Angela is due with #2 for us on May 18th! Please let us know if you happen to come through KY!

  2. Woohoo! That is fun news! I am glad I clicked on the link to your blog. Shannon, I hope you continue to feel well and have energy for the great ministry it seems you are doing.

    Btw, I got married a couple months ago! Chad and I are doing well, though we are still very much trying to get settled.

    Take care and congrats again to you both.


  3. Sendng official “congratulations” your way although we have been rejoicing with you both for a while! Wow, he/she looks like such a great mix of the two of you already 🙂

  4. Congratulations David and Shannon! It has been awhile since we checked on your blog and were so happy to hear your good news. Wow! You’ve got less than 5 months to parenthood. By the way, David, when you want your boat back just let us know. They have never been able to use it because they can’t get tags for it, so it is just in storage. Take care and congratulations from us. Much love, The Crocketts
    We love hearing about your journey. We are proud of you and all your hard work.

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