Rethink Church

Rethink Church is a new advertising campaign that was launched by the United Methodist Church in May 2009.  David and I were first introduced to it when we were in the states for training.  This makes sense that we had not heard about it in Ukraine because they are not taking the campaign globally until May 2010.  It is a four year campaign that is using a lot of time, energy and resources of the United Methodist Church in order to reach a growing younger population who is electing not to go to church.

Our pastor, Lubomir, enjoys listening to Adam Hamilton’s, pastor of Church of the Resurrection (UMC), sermons online.  He had us listen to a sermon this last week that introduced the Rethink Church campaign to his church.  Most of what I have read about the campaign says it will focus on 18-34 year olds.  Pastor Hamilton took it even to a narrower field and said 18-22 year olds.  This struck a cord with me due to our ministry focusing on this age group.

I thought I would look up the campaign and try to find out some more information about it, and the following websites are a small smattering of what I found.  There appears to be a lot of hard work and effort going into this campaign.  Since I now work for the UMC, I felt a little guilty that I didn’t know more.  So I’ve read a little, learned a little, and since I already have done the leg work, I thought I would pass it on to  you so that you might learn a little too.

One of the advertising videos from the Rethink Church Campaign

This link is to the United Methodist Church Communications website and it gives an overview of Rethink Church.  (When you cut and paste it into your browser, make sure there are no spaces.) Rethink_Church_101.htm

This website looks at church as a verb and that there are many doors to walk through

Another overview of Rethink Church


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  1. Oh my gosh guys – that video made my heart pound…
    I would LOVE to chat….when are you free!?!?!?!?
    Email me a time!!! Would LOVE to talk and catch up….


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