Water Woes – Part 2

Since Shannon gave you all a little excursus of our water woes last week, I figured I would provide my own rendition as an update. Enjoy.

Tuesday:  As Shannon noted in her post, no water since Monday.  I get up early and call the city, ask for help, a worker comes, we break a lock to get into our basement (because I don’t have a key), worker decides that there is no visible problem, pipes must be frozen because it is really cold, no resolution.  He leaves.

Wednesday:  I call city at 8a.m., ask for worker to come and heat pipes, city promises worker, I wait, I call city again, no worker all day, we are upset, still no water, dishes piling up in kitchen, dull roar of anger sounding around the Goran household.

Thursday: I get up early, go to city office, I demand a worker, I have a verbal fight with city officials, go to meeting of officials, get kicked out of meeting, walk back in, demand worker, go home, wait for worker, call city, main engineer comes and says pipes are frozen, really doesn’t like me, neighbors remodeling and nobody in their apartment, can’t access water pipes in their apartment, engineer calls me a Nazi, tells us to wait till spring when pipes unfreeze, engineer leaves, hope deflated, electric company turns neighbors electricity off, neighbor arrives, apartment gets cold, pipes really freeze, other neighbor comes, yells again, city worker comes, thaws water pipes, both neighbors have water, still no water for us, worker leaves…frustration, exhaustion, defeat.

Friday: I get up and call city early, main engineer comes, neighbor comes, engineer goes into neighbors apartment, says pipes are frozen, try to explain that pipes were thawed and still no water, engineer doesn’t want to work, engineer probably wants bribe, engineer talks and does no work, engineer leaves, city worker comes, finally someone looks at our apartment, worker doesn’t understand our piping, recommends we tear down entire wall in bathroom, evening time, owner of building next to us knocks on door, pipe has broken in hallway and is flooding into his building, everything freezes…disbelief, whatever.

Saturday: I get up, tired of city, I call private plumber, neighbors arrive, everyone talking, no-one doing anything, plumbers arrive, look at apartment, affirm that pipes are frozen in neighbors apartments, affirm that they can do nothing until neighbors heat their apartments: then….the best news yet, neighbor below says they will redo piping in apartment to avoid/bypass the first story neighbor’s apartment and he will send up his plumber to look at our pipes.  Best chance yet, spirits lifted…eagerly awaiting Monday.

Sunday: We wait.

Monday: Worker comes, doesn’t do any work, says will return on Wed., major frustration again, I begin to try to figure out how to do it myself, failure, whatever.

Tuesday: We Wait.

Wednesday: Worker comes, middle of afternoon begins repiping in basement and 1st floor apartment, find major ice block, perhaps a glacier in 1st floor apartment piping, also discover neighbor in 1st floor had water because she got it from another building and an entirely different water system, plumber says he will have to come back Saturday, Shannon calls me at the end of her patience with bad news, suddenly we hear water trickling in our bathroom tank, 2 hours later I switch on pump and the resolution flows through our bathroom pipes! Amen!!!!!!!!

We did not get back water in our kitchen until Saturday, which made it a grand total of 10 days without any water at all and 13 days without full water.  We are certainly hoping not to have that experience ever again.


3 thoughts on “Water Woes – Part 2

  1. Wow- how did you function without water for so long? Did you get buckets of water from elsewhere for flushing, etc.?

    So glad the water is running again!!!

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