Feeling a bit overwhelmed.

In three days, on Wednesday, Shannon will fly to America.  She is in her 32nd or 33rd week, I can’t remember exactly.  She is doing wonderfully, she looks beautiful, and she is looking foward to eating Mexican food on the way home from the airport in Houston; so is the baby, probably.  While my wife and child will be feasting on Mexican food, I on the other hand will not be returning to the States and will be in Ukraine until mid-April.  I will take Shannon to the airport in Kiev, turn around at 2:00 am in the morning, get into L’viv mid-afternoon Thursday, and then preach at Pilgrims our worship service that night.  We are going to be apart almost a month, the longest ever for us.

While Shannon seems to be rolling with the punches alright, I on the other hand have never been more of a nervous wreck in my entire life.  I think seeing my pregnant wife leave, foreseeing my new life as a father, and overseeing a student ministry and a church plant is definitely more than I’ve ever had on my plate before.  Although I might at times be feeling overwhelmed, on the flip side, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  We really are only dealing with the growing pains of our ministry and we couldn’t be happier with how this year is going.   To add this miracle child to the mix, to bring a new little Goranimal into the world, is something we are feeling immeasurably grateful for.

Remember us over these next five months of transition before life becomes normal again, in the fall, and pray for us as we undergo all these new changes!


12 thoughts on “Feeling a bit overwhelmed.

  1. Huzzah!!! I’ve been waiting anxiously for pictures of pregnant-Shannon! She looks beautiful, and I wish I could admire her in person.

    Our family will most definitely pray for your family every day until your little one arrives. Thank you for sharing the events of your lives. We miss you – love, DRU

  2. It’s about time. Good thing you have other things to celebrate this time of year because Illinois basketball certainly isn’t one of them! I was rootin’ for them to get into the tourney and I’m a little sad it was the Bucks who most likely knocked them out with that double overtime win on Saturday. Miss ya man…

    • Ohio State backhand, whew. Now that Illinois is out, believe it or not, I am kind of routing for the Evan Turner show to make a good run: that dude is amazing. Good to hear from you guys!

      • Well…didn’t work out for us either. All we can hope for now is that Turner forgoes the NBA for his sr. year. Hanging in there without the Mrs.? We think and pray for y’all often.

  3. A lot of changes for you guys!

    Shannon is GLOWING! It is so fun to see her pregnant, even if just in pictures!

    We will be praying for you guys for the next month as you are apart and for the safe arrival of your child!

    Very excited for you guys, and see you in June! 🙂

  4. Shannon! You look so fabulous…can’t wait for our babies to be BFFs from across the world. Call me when you get to TX. I’m sorry that I’ve been so hard to catch up with these days. I can’t wait to see you!!! xoxo

  5. David,
    I feel for you brother. Ask shannon, i had my first of many panic attacks when Stacy departed pregnant for the USA. I was a wreck!
    Prayin for you! You guys are exactly where God wants you!

  6. Shannon… You look great! We will be praying for all three (!) of you during these next weeks and months. You both will make wonderful parents and I have no doubt you will do just fine with the transition into parenthood.

    Much love from Indiana!
    Adam & Lauren

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