Ukrainian Easter 2010

Here are a couple of photos from our celebration of Easter this year.  Easter in Ukraine always seems to have something of a mysteriousness to it.  There are all kinds of wonderful traditions ingrained in Ukrainian culture that give this celebration a wonderful flavor.  People great one another in the streets, proclaiming the ressurection of the Christ; the beautiful Ukrainian eggs are painted, symbol of new life.  The weather is turning from cold winter to the long await spring.  Soon the many fruit trees that are so prominent in this country will unveil their beautiful garmets of flowers.  It is a time of celebration.  Jesus’ ressurection resounds!  Amen! He is risen indeed!

Lubomir, our local pastor, ready to go for Easter Sunday.

Me and Michael Airgood, our intern, ready with our Easter basket! Kind of embarrassing, but whatever.

I go home to see my wife in a week and a half!  We will keep you all updated with the baby on the way.  Ressurection blessings to all.


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