Yes, I am one of the many people whose flights have been cancelled and tentatively rescheduled because of this massive dust monster covering Western Europe. Thankfully Shannon is still a couple of weeks from being due but that is not making this waiting game any easier.  I met a friend in the Kiev airport who was on the same flight, a Mr. Dr. Mooks who speaks broken English and is a Professor of Political Science, part Iranian, part German.  Dr. Mooks is letting me stay at his studio apartment in Kiev until we both try to get on a flight to Frankfurt, Monday morning.  At this point, I am frantically searching for other options.  Somehow, just a couple of hours ago, I have managed to hijack internet in his apartment (which is honestly a total miracle because I still don’t quite know what I did; I just tried guessing on Wi-Fi passwords and plugging cords into my computer) and I am hoping to find some sort of alternate route which doesn’t cost thousands of dollars, and goes south of this dust monster.  We will see.

Pray for me to get home soon and pray for my sanity during limbo.  Pray that this baby holds off until I get there.  I will keep you all updated.


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