Somehow I made it, Amen!

Okay, I am going to spare everyone all the details in length because I had MAJOR problems trying to leave Ukraine at the border.  In short, my VISA was expired which wasn’t supposed to be a problem but turned out to be and the result was a fine.  This would not have been such a major deal if…1. the price of the fine wouldn’t have majorly fluctuated (yes, exactly what you are thinking), 2. the Ukrainian customs control computer and scanner would have been working, 3. the guards would have had some sense of the expediency of my situation and not lolligagged until I almost missed my flight, 4. the banks that I should have paid my fine at would have accepted my payment for the fine, 5. the customs control officers would have admitted the problem and been flexible, 6. the guards actually knew exactly what they were fining me for.

I also would not have made it home if….1)I reached across the border control and took a swing at the heartless officer who was giving me all the trouble in the first place (I was close), 2) it had not been for an Air France employee who took my side the last 10 minutes of the whole ordeal and ended up convincing the guards to allow him to pay on my behalf later (I gave him the money and then ran to catch my flight).

But alas, I am home and the baby is not yet here!  Amen.  Thank you all so much for your prayers through this crazy week of my life.  We will keep you updated with this baby!


9 thoughts on “Somehow I made it, Amen!

  1. dave…so glad you made it. a friend of mine likes to say (regarding visas and such) there is the law, the interpretation of the law, and then there is the guy who stamps your passport!

    let me know if you will be in CU at any time and can’t wait to hear about baby’s arrival…

  2. A real man would have choked out the guard, used him as a human shield, paid the Air France employee to fly a jet across the Atlantic, and brought the corrupt officials to repentance by preaching a kick-butt sermon at the same time. I guess you can redeem yourself by delivering the kid yourself.

  3. So glad you made it home – what a story you will have to tell the baby when he or she arrives. Stay in touch – we are praying for you!

  4. Oh my gosh – Adam and I check this every day…and we’re dying to hear. Has the baby arrived, yet? Do you have a daughter or a son?!? WE NEED ANSWERS!!!

    By the way, we’re glad you’re home. 🙂

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