He’s Here! Jesse, son of David!

It’s a boy!  We welcome Jesse Brian Goran into the world as the newest Goranimal!

Jesse Brian Goran

Jesse was born yesterday, May 12th, at 5:57p.m to two very proud parents.  He weighed in at 6lbs 14ounces and was 21 inches long. His entrance into the world was a bit rough and he has been attended to carefully in the NICU…but, he has been making a wonderful recovery and looks to be a perfectly healthy boy soon released to his parents.  We are so grateful for everyone who has been praying and we will get more pictures up soon!


12 thoughts on “He’s Here! Jesse, son of David!

  1. SO happy for you guys, can’t wait to see him and talk with you guys!

    -Justin {& Anne}

  2. Вітаємо! Congratulations! Glad he made it into the world and his dad wasn’t stopped by a volcano or Ukrainian passport control.

  3. So glad everything is going well…know that we’re praying for you and baby Jesse. Can’t wait to meet him soon!


  4. Congratulation! Yea, he is here! I was praying for you yesterday! Glad to know that your son has arrived. Hopefully one day sooner than later Josie Grace & Jesse can meet! Hope you are all doing well.

  5. Shannon and David, We are so excited for you three! Little Jesse is a doll. Hope that he is progressing each day and you will be out of the hospital soon. We look forward to meeting the “Goran family” in July. We are busily working on English Camp and Bible School and can’t wait for our time together.
    Take care, the first month or so can be a bit trying but it is all uphill from there. 🙂


    Allan and Hannah

    Can’t BE happier or more thankful for that sweet little guy!

    Praying for you and love you tons!

  7. Congratulations Shannon! I am so excited for you! Boys are a wonderful blessing! Can’t wait to see more photos and I hope your recovery goes well!

    Katrina Burris

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