Jesse is a Trooper!

Of course I am going to post some more recent pictures of Jesse but I thought it would be good to give everyone a few more details about Jesse’s entrance into this world and his progress since.  As you could probably tell from the pictures, Jesse did not have easy start!  We began to suspect there might be a problem at the beginning of delivery.  Just when Shannon started pushing our nurse noticed meconium and called in a backup crew.  What is meconium?  Meconium is the first few sticky, dark, green type stools of an infant right after they are born.   Sometimes when a baby is under stress, instead of waiting until after birth they will have their first stool inside the amniotic fluid.  While this isn’t always a huge problem, if it happens during labor and the stool gets deep into the child’s system, specifically the lungs, there can be major issues.  When Jesse came out pale and limp it was clear that there he indeed was affected, significantly.  Everything that happened after that is a blur.  I remember bits and pieces, Shannon remembers even less.  I do remember that after they doctors did CPR on Jesse for about a minute and a half, they sat him up and he screamed his first cry right into my face!  Best cry ever!

After letting Shannon give him a big kiss, Jesse got rushed off to the intensive care unit for babies.   The first 8-12 hours after his birth were still a bit scary.  You guys saw some of the picture during that time.  He had all kinds of wires and medical gizmos hooked up: an oxygen container over his head,an IV for food and antibiotics, and a set of wires to monitor his vitals.  But, even during that time and especially into the next three days, Jesse continued to get better and better and better.  In order to make sure he would have any foreseeable short term of long term issues, Jesse got about every test you could imagine–a heart echo, an MRI, a brain scan, a reflux test, other tests I don’t remember–and every single result, thanks be to God, came back healthy.

I know that many people don’t know all the obstacles little Jesse’s has faced trying to enter this world, but honestly this kid has beaten the odds at every turn.  He overcame our infertility issues at his conception, he overcame a small problem with his umbilical cord which was misdiagnosed as minor and actually was very serious during the pregnancy and delivery, and he overcame all the potential issues he could have had at his birth.  Right now, even as I am writing this, Jesse is reminding me that he is a completely healthy little boy – red-faced and wailing!  He is doing almost a little too well and I am not exaggerating here.  At one week of life, when he was  seven days old, we put this kid on his stomach and he flipped over onto his back.  Not just once, but 3 times in a row!  What????

We are so unbelievably grateful for this little guy!  Thank you Father for our son Jesse!


7 thoughts on “Jesse is a Trooper!

  1. Congratulations on little Jesse! He’s a cute little guy. I’m thankful that he’s fine despite the problems at delivery. With three little boys at home I can tell you you’re in for a wild but fun (sometimes exasperating) ride. Can you send me your address? I would like to send you a baby gift.

    Love, Nicole

  2. Congratulations again David and Shannon! Wow, already flipping over on his back?? I had to memorize a bunch of developmental milestones for my pediatric rotations and that’s a pretty amazing feat for your son.

  3. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Thanks for sharing Jesse’s story… He’s a fighter already! Enjoy all these special moments with him. I know everyone says this, but the time really does go by so fast. We’re proud of you guys.. you’re already great parents!

  4. Wow! He is so cute. I had a little trouble with my son when he was born too. He was wedged in so tight (frank breech), they couldn’t get him out and then when they did pull him into the world, he had to be “jump started” — whatever that means.

    All I can tell you, he is 13 now, taller than me — and smarter and handsomer too! so wait 13 years and you’ll be right where I am — very grateful! Although it sounds like you already are right there — very grateful! Love it! Thanks for sharing!

    Just fyi, I mentioned you all in a blog on wordpress a week or two ago..

  5. Truly God-sent! We are so happy for the three of you – may God continue to bless you.
    Becky Dop & Normandale Hylands UMC

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