Through Jesse’s Eyes

As we’ve previously mentioned, the month of July was busy for us with two separate teams from America.  We’ve enjoyed an English Camp, a Vacation Bible school, a Basketball Camp and numerous other activities.  And it turned out David and I were not the only ones helping to host these teams, Jesse was right there with us.  It seemed during this last month that people were more likely to ask where Jesse was when he was missing than when either David or I were absent.  He must have been helping out more than David and I ever knew.  Here is a post of mostly pictures of what Jesse might have been enjoying and seeing during this last month.

A 4th of July picnic with the Virginians. It was raining, so mom thought it would be better if I didn't go.

Maybe if I wear this all those girls at English Camp won't be able to see me!

No such luck. (This was a walk through a forest in the Carpathian Mountains.)

You would think out in the mountains I wouldn't need a bath.

Volodia and Maryanna - our two interns who were a tremendous help. Because of them mom was able to spend more time with me.

Even if we don't get to play much right now, dad likes me to be close. (David working on a sermon.)

Jesse sometimes helped with meal time announcements. (The food at camp was amazing.)

Good job dad.

This is evening worship at English Camp. (I was always asleep.)

This was some of the teaching and learning - 'be' verbs. Soon I'll be able to share some of my words too.

VBS at the student center. I won't be old enough to go for a few more years.

Our bus ride from English camp. It was a little tight, and very warm. (I'm sitting next to grandma.)

I enjoyed talking to the man at the train station with dad. He asked if the ice cream in America was better than in Ukraine and dad laughed.

We had wraps at an outdoor movie theater (showing Charlie Chaplin) after attending a ballet at the Opera Theater. (I didn't make it to the ballet.)

This is Suzanne. She waited almost 10 days before asking to hold me.

Mom, grandpa, grandma and I were able to take a short break one day while the team was at basketball camp.

DInner at the cafe with the TX team. (I feel like we spend a lot of time eating.)

I tired to make it to the top of the mountain, but didn't quite make it. And don't worry, these weren't the stairs that stopped me, those came later.

Here I am at basketball camp. I keep telling dad, I'm not big enough yet.

I couldn't quite make it up the stairs to see what was going on. The gym was on the 4th story of the school.

This was the other basketball sight. I think this is during the devotion.

Helping grandpa buy water for the teams. A truck comes and honks every Saturday some time between noon and 2pm.

They are finally gone and we're pooped.

But it didn't take long, to get back into the old grind.


10 thoughts on “Through Jesse’s Eyes

  1. Jesse is definitely getting bigger. And Shannon you are looking great! FOr ya’lls sake I hope things are slowing down a bit just so you can enjoy Jesse even more. Keep the pics coming as he grows.
    Love ya’ll and miss ya,

  2. I miss that boy, and you guys. He’s getting so big. Whats the little seat you have him in in the last picture? I have never seen one. Give him a squeeze for me.

  3. Jesse’s perspective is so cute. If only he could talk when we are on SKYPE. He was a great trooper, a perfect angel.

  4. He is absolutely wonderful – I love his smile the most! I’m proud of you two for taking time to enjoy your son. (I’m sure it would be easy to get overwhelmed with work to do and feel guilty about taking time for Jesse.) We think about you often and love seeing picture of your ministry and your family! Love you all.

  5. Love seeing your life through Jesse’s eyes. Man is he getting big and SUCH a cutie! Adam whole-heartedly approves of the camo get-up 🙂

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