I caught your attention didn’t I?  I have become pretty comfortable talking about breastfeeding, and since returning to Ukraine I even find myself breastfeeding wherever I might be. I do try to be as discreetly as possible, something that is not always reciprocated by other Ukrainian mothers.  I also can’t believe the number of strangers (on the street or in a store) that ask me if I breastfeed.  It’s a verb I had to learn quickly.

Slightly changing the subject…David co-performed the first United Methodist wedding in Lviv last weekend.  In preparation for this event he and I made a trip to a local Greek Catholic bookstore in order for him to buy a shirt and collar to wear.  While Jesse and I waited out on the sidewalk we were looking at icons and pictures in the bookstore window.  The one posted below caught my attention.  It is not something I had ever thought about before, but gave me ‘food for thought’ for the rest of the day.

Yes, that is the Virgin Mary breastfeeding baby Jesus.

and of course a few pictures of the cutest guy around..

After a feeding…so peaceful.
Having some much appreciated tummy time
On the train headed to the lake
First time in the lake

2 thoughts on “Breastfeeding

  1. That Jesse is so cute.

    Glad you’re feeling at ease with breastfeeding. I am glad it is working out so well for you guys! We had to quit when Eisley was four months old for a few different reasons, and that was really hard.

    And very cool on David performing the wedding! Where are the pics of him in his collar?

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