Ukrainian American Idol

While I tend to be mostly uninterested in all of the talent shows that have swept through America the last few years, I will admit it has been rather fascinating to see these things hit the media in Ukraine and still reach impressive popularity.  What has been incredibly exciting for Youth to Jesus is that one of our students, Lily Sakhon, tried out, advanced, and ended up performing on the big stage in Kiev.  Her first go at stardom aired yesterday and although I realize it is in Ukrainian, I thought it still would be worth sharing.  Don’t worry if you can’t understand it at first, she sings in English later!


6 thoughts on “Ukrainian American Idol

  1. She’s good, good stage presents as well. Looks just like American Idol except no black judge. Lily you are the next Ukrainian Idol.

  2. Wow! Not what I was expecting on the mission’s blog – but how exciting. I wish I knew what was being said, but it was pretty easy to tell by the beautiful vulnerability and transparency on Lily’s face. Congratulations! Do I really get to work with all this talent for Jesus when I come to Ukraine????

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