The United Methodist Church (through The Advance) is raising money for its mission ministries around the world, and they are doing it in a unique way.  First off, the money is not coming from you. Instead the campaign is to raise awareness as much as it is to raise money.  So when you go to the Ten Fold website (which is posted below-just cut and paste into your browser) and click on a project, a dollar is raised to help ‘do’ ministry.  Again, all you are giving is your time and a click of the mouse, while other donors are putting forward the cash.  I think it’s a great idea, and my excitement has nothing to do with David being in the picture of one of the ten ministries featured!

Below is a little blurb provided by The Advance to explain it in a little more detail.  And there is a one minute video that you should watch.  It only takes a minute, so do it, AND pass the word.  We want as many clicks as possible.

“Mark your calendar and spread the word! From October 10th through the 19th, there is going to be a 10-day online event that will mobilize passionate people to stand up and be counted for causes they believe in, and you will have a front row seat. It’s called 10-Fold.

Each day will feature a different mission project of the General Board of Global Ministries supported through The Advance, the designated giving arm of The United Methodist Church. Through live webcasts, streaming video, online chats, and other media, you will learn about these amazing ministries that are changing people’s lives.

And by visiting 10-Fold.org daily and registering your interest, you’ll be able help secure tangible support for each project. It’s easy. With one click, you can trigger a $1.00 donation each day of 10-Fold, up $10,000 for each project.

Be a part of a movement that multiplies God’s work, be counted, and help create an effect that is 10-Fold in good works.”





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