Quick Rundown

It’s now October 26th.  School has almost been in session two months.  Our university ministry is in its groove and we are already looking toward the holidays.  (I also have an almost 6 month old on my hands – WOW.)

Since September 1st:                                                                                         over 75 – the number of people who have attended Pilgrims                                over 75 – the number of people who have attended English Club                             2 fellowship events (a Scavenger Hunt and then a Picnic)                                        2 evenings of prayer                                                                                                1 leadership retreat  AND                                                                                       1 worship (music) retreat

It’s been a lot of fun, but as anyone who has been involved with an organization that is expanding knows, growing pains are involved…teaching our students to embrace the new people, introducing new ideas to expose the gospel to different populations, trying to acquire additional space to meet.  However, we are reminded almost daily that we are serving an amazing group of young people and we love (almost) every minute of it.

our students at Pilgrims

Shannon preaching while Tonya translates

part of our worship team practicing: Dale, Tonya and Illiya

Scanger Hunt - and yes, they are tied together

try running down our stairs tied together

Max and Volodia, our guy additions to the leadership team


3 thoughts on “Quick Rundown

  1. I’m just now reading you October posting. Tell Max and Volodia congratulations for being on the what use to be an all girl team. Male input is good.
    Love you.

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