Happy Halloween

I know we just celebrated Christmas and New Years, but somehow we managed to get a little behind on our blog postings.  So while no one is working and everyone is sitting on the couch catching up on each others blogs, we are going to have a blog marathon to get you up to speed on what’s happening in Ukraine.

We had a wonderful Halloween party at the student center that was attended by 30 people.  We had Pilgrims people, Sunday school kids with parents and English club folks attend.  There was a mummy making contest, a pumpkin carving contest, a scary story time and some seriously yummy snacks.

Our fellowship/outreach activities that Youth to Jesus sponsors are being very well attended by a lot of different individuals.  They are serving their purpose of getting people into our space and introducing them to the ministry.

Jesse as a Cow

Our mummies

This was the first pumpkin carving for most of our students.

We introduced our guests to pumpkin soup.

Michael (our intern) and Andriy (Andriy was a nationally ranked fencer while in college.)

Preparing for chubby bunny


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