Serving with John

Erika, who is a recent graduate of the Greek Catholic University and is still active in Youth to Jesus, recently began working for the United Methodist Ministries in Lviv, Ukraine.  David and I decided it would be very beneficial to hire her.  She is very driven and focused and told us one of her dreams is to begin a private Christian preschool.  So, currently, her main task is to research starting a daycare in correlation with the United Methodist Church in Lviv.

Erika also completes other tasks and preforms other duties for us.  This last semester she led a small group called “Knitting with John”.  For the first hour they studied the gospel of John.  Erika facilitated the small group for the first few weeks and then starting having other members of the group lead.  Each week someone different was in charge of preparing the lesson and leading the discussion.  We are super proud of her for pushing our students in this way.

In addition to the study, there was also a serving component.  That is where the knitting came in.   My aunt sent us some round knitting looms to make hats on.  The group decided they would make hats for children in hospitals and homeless people living on the streets, especially those we see often around the student center.  This group met for about 12 weeks.  They made it though half of John and made about 20 hats.  This next spring they will study the second half of John and continue to make hats.

Discussing John over tea and cookies

Ira and Erika knitting

Roman and Illya knitting too

Examples of the finished product


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