New Members and a Dedication

As we are approaching the end of our first year since planting the church, we were able to celebrate two very special events a couple of Sundays ago.  Not only did we welcome three new individual into church membership, we also were able to celebrate the birth of our son, Jesse, once again and this time come together as his Ukrainian community and dedicate him.

Lubomir sharing about membership

New members: Oleh Maleck, Gregory and Ira Pokidanets

You might recognize Gregory and Ira as the couple that David married in August.  Oleh actually began leading a small group on Sunday afternoons in the church’s space before regular services began.  After becoming further acquainted with David, Lubomir and the Methodist Church he became a committed attender and showed interest in joining our community.  In order to prepare the new members, Lubomir and David created and then lead a four week membership course including United Methodist history and theology.  We are very excited to have these individuals in our church family and celebrate growth in our church!

Since the beginning of Jesse’s life, we wanted our church family here in Ukraine to know that Jesse is also counting on them to be a community of faith around him.  Because there is no proposed dedication service in the United Methodist Hymnal, David wrote a brief ceremony himself and Lubomir did a great job leading us through it during the service.  It was also a nice treat to be able to celebrate with David’s parents who were visiting us for Christmas.  Another pleasant surprise (which we were not planning on) came immediately after the dedication when everyone insisted on congratulating us and blessing  Jesse.

David and I, along with David's parents taking our dedication vows.

Lubomir praying over Jesse.

Jesse already an advanced showman, enjoying his reception of blessings.


2 thoughts on “New Members and a Dedication

  1. It was fun to catch up with your blog today. Saying a prayer for the Gorans, the students, and the L’viv Student Ministry! Blessings.

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