Look Who’s One

I can’t believe a year has already passed since we were in the states giving birth to this little new life that now lives with us.  Jesse turned one on May 12th.  It was a celebration enjoyed by both the old and the young (sorry mom and dad, you’re grandparents now).  We had a party before our Pilgrims worship service on Thursday and invited all the university students and the children that attend Lviv UMC Sunday School.  Jesse also had one little friend his own age attend, Leo.  At the party we ate, played games, watched Jesse eat, opened presents and laughed a lot.  We really enjoyed ourselves, Jesse most of all.

I love this picture. Too bad you can't see "My First Birthday" on his shirt. But his expression is completely him, I'm coming to get you.

Since I call Jesse 'bear,' I thought it only appropriate to try and make one for his birthday cake..Jesse receiving a Ukrainian magnetic alphabet from Erika.

Receiving a stuffed animal from his babysitter Maryana.

Jesse with his Sunday School girls. They love him.

He received a bank that plays music when you put money in it. He loves it, and dances when he hears the music.

Somehow I did not get a picture of the front of them, but here is Jesse sharing his new toy with his friend Leo.

Here is Jesse and daddy playing pin the tale on the bear. This children loved it, I think.

Playing hot potato. Jesse crawled after the potato.

Then we had some duck, duck, goose while we were waiting on Jesse to finish his snack.

Then it was time for cake...

...lots and lots of cake.

Not only Jesse enjoyed the cake.

He's a righty.

So much fun.

It was a great day.