Meet the Sun

Last spring while I was home waiting to have Jesse, and David was still here in Ukraine, our students decided to meet the sun.  When David told me, I said that sounds great, but what is it?  Well, it’s when the girls spend the night at one place together and the guys spend the night somewhere else and then a little before sunrise they meet and walk to High Castle.  High Castle is the highest point in the city.  It’s a tall hill (with no castle) that overlooks the city.  It’s beautiful, and a nice long walk from the student center.  On the top of the hill they sang worship songs, shared scripture and had a short time of prayer.  It was so much fun that the students wanted to do it again this year.

So last Friday night, I hosted the girls at our house and David entertained the guys at the student center.  What made it even more fun was that the girls made TONS of earrings that David and I will bring home this fall and sell to the churches we visit in order for the students to raise their contribution to the new space: $5,000 (they have already done $2,500!).

Spread out in the living room making earrings.

Guitar designs

Cutting out the design

The machine that is used to press the clay

Tt 4:30am our time, we met with UM Communications in Nashville, TN because our Meet the Sun evening corresponded with the world wide United Methodist event, Change the World (  It is when United Methodist go out into the world to create change.  Our students thought what better way to create change, than to be that change.  Young university students spending their Saturday morning together, having fun, worshiping God, eating breakfast together, and inviting everyone along that they see.  That sounds like a change from the average university student on Saturday morning.  You can go to to see our video.  Try to make it the end of the video (4:25) so you can hear the girls sing.

Natalya, Sophia and Olya - three young women who will be on the leadership team next year

Then they met the boys at 5am in order to be at the top of High Castle by 5:41am.  After spending time up on High Castle our students returned to the student center, picked up some things for a picnic and headed up the street two blocks to have breakfast together in front of the university.  They also passed out sandwiches to people walking by and shared about the student center.  But we learned that maybe 8am on a Saturday morning is not the best time to advertise to university students.  Guess we should have thought that through a little better.

I love this choice of shoe attire for walking up High Castle.

On their walk to High Castle. There were about 20 students who made it up to High Castle. But we had over 30 through the student center and our home during the event.

David, the forever guitar player.

On top of High Castle

The students in front of the university making sandwiches for breakfast. The statue is of Ivan Franko, the namesake of the university.

I’m not sure what the rest of the students did, but David and I spent the rest of our Saturday sleeping.  It had been a long time since I went to sleep at 1am and then awoke at 4:15am.  I now remember why.


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