Back in the U – S – S – A

We are.  And sorry if you didn’t know that already (we haven’t done so well keeping up with this blog lately).  We are on our furlough.  We left about a month ago and have already done a whirlwind tour, visiting churches in Minnesota.  Now we are in Champaign visiting churches, friends, and family before we head back to Texas.

We will let these pictures do the rest of the talking.  Hope to connect with you all soon while we are here.

P.S. New baby goranimal is due December 10th!

Fireman Jesse here for all your Halloween emergencies.

Getting a chance to fish again, between church visits - Mississippi River Pike.

Marshall UMC - Marshall, Minnesota

Meeting our nephew Archer for the first time!

Last regular season St. Louis Cardinals game. We got into the states the day before. Awesome.


One thought on “Back in the U – S – S – A

  1. Ah! When will you be back in Texas? And how long will you be here? We would more than love to see you guys if there’s an opportunity… I know you’re busy folks. I’m assuming the Houston area will be your Texas homebase?

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