Another First for Jesse

Jesse is a little over 18 months and it feels like every time we turn around we are recording another first.  David will often say, hey Shannon, Jesse just did…and I say, actually he did that for the first time last week.  Sometimes we disagree on what a true ‘first’ might be and when it was, but I doubt we will ever have that trouble when remembering Jesse’s first trip to the emergency room.

We were visiting a friend in Kentucky after visiting a church a couple of Sundays ago.  We were just getting settled in to talk when Jesse tripped and fell face first into the rock hearth of the fireplace.  From where I was sitting I couldn’t actually tell if Jesse had even hit anything until David grabbed him, examined him, and proclaimed ‘Jesse busted his mouth’.

David ran him to the bathroom and we were holding him over the sink to make sure he didn’t choke.  We found one of his teeth laying in his mouth, and I couldn’t bring myself to look to see what the other damage was.  We knew we needed to get him to the ER to see what else was going on inside that little mouth.

I dropped David off at the ER doors and I went and parked.  When I ran in, David was talking to a nice gentleman in the waiting room who appeared to have an ankle injury.  But what I soon learned, is that he also was an oral surgeon and was helping to put David’s my mind at ease.

When we were finally seen, we discovered Jesse only lost the one tooth, but another tooth had been pushed way up and he needed three stitches on the inside of his upper lip.  Jesse, who is usually one for attention, was not very excited about any of this.  But, of course, he handled it like a champ, and today is doing much better.

We have since been to the dentist and she said that 5 teeth had experienced trauma and now it is a wait and see game as to the outcome of those other teeth.  The only good part about all of this is that it happened while Jesse is still very young, so he is likely to heal and this incident occurred while we were in America where we knew better what exactly to do.

The day of the accident. His lip was still numb from getting stitches.

The day after the accident. Feeling better while playing with our friend Maggie.

2 days after our ER visit. This was the face I was given after I told him to get down off the hearth. He was definitely feeling better.


2 thoughts on “Another First for Jesse

  1. Oh no! Poor Jesse We completely understand that feeling and are so glad that he is better. We’ll be praying for continued healing for him.

  2. Katie’s brother Kevin lost his two front teeth at about 2 1/2. His major problem was eating corn on the cob that summer, which he dearly loved. His permanent front teeth came in with no issue — God be praised. Jesse will hardly remember this later on, though it will be seared in your memories forever.

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