It’s a boy: Jeremiah Robert Goran!

At 7:15 this morning Jeremiah Robert Goran was born.  Surpise, suprise, another Goran boy!

He weighed in at 7lbs, 8ounces and 20.5inches.  That is 3.4kilos and 52cm for our Ukrainian friends.

Mommy is doing great and so is everyone else; including the now older brother Jesse who gave Jeremiah a nice pet when they first met.

Thank you for all your prayers!  We are so blessed!




17 thoughts on “It’s a boy: Jeremiah Robert Goran!

  1. УРРРРАААА!!!!! Yupppii!!!! Congratulations!!! He is beautiful as well as you are)) We are waiting for all of you!! Чекаємо на вас!!!

  2. Congrats David, Shannon, & Jesse on the addition of Jeremiah to your family! He is adorable and you all look great! Blessings as you begin the adventure of a family of 4!
    Tawndee, Jason & Josie Grace

  3. We are so happy for your family! David and I would like to get a baby gift for new baby Goran. What does he need and where should we send a gift? Love, Uncle Dave and Aunt Kelly

  4. I totally agree Kelly L! When I scrolled down to look at him I was like – WHOA that is DAVID :):)
    It was So amazing to get to see you guys and know that we are praying for you!!!! Keep in touch and we love you!!!
    Nic and Stephen (and kiddos!)

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