Ending Maternity Leave

I guess I can say I’m officially done with maternity leave now.  David and I started back with our itineration schedule this last Sunday.  It was nice having a slower pace after the birth of Jeremiah, but honestly I’m not sure if it was exactly ‘leave.’  We spoke at a church 8 days after Jeremiah was born, we’ve had people willing to come to our home to have meetings, and the skype and email communication never really slow down (even though David might have taken up some of my slack).  Some of that is in the nature of the ‘job’, being home for only a short time, and having so many people to meet with. And some of it is just me.  I like to stay busy and on top of things.

Before this time is too far behind us, I thought I would share some pictures and show you what we’ve been up to during our leave and the holidays.  Like you, we’ve enjoyed family and friends and WAY too much food.  Most of all we’ve enjoyed our first Christmas with Jeremiah and our first Christmas as a family of four.  We love it.

Jeremiah is one month old.

Arthur, the dog, helping keep Jeremiah in the chair while sleeping.

Jesse's first Christmas present.

Reading the Christmas story on Christmas morning.


Jeremiah making faces.

I had more than one person ask me if I was carrying an ewok.

Jeremiah taking a bath with his bullfrog cover-up.

Jesse stuck his finger in Jeremiah's mouth. We weren't expecting that.

Jesse at the Houston Zoo (in a fish tank).

My sweet, sweet boys.

Jesse experiencing Texas in January.

Jeremiah got in the way of Jesse's bed jumping.

This is how Jeremiah and I spend a lot of time.






3 thoughts on “Ending Maternity Leave

  1. Thanks for the updates and sharing those pictures….so glad to hear you guys are doing well! Can’t wait to see you on Saturday!

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