After a really wonderful visit on Sunday with Shannon’s home church, Lakewood United Methodist, our four months of itineration are over.  What an incredible journey it has been.  From Minnesota, to Kentucky, to Iowa, Illinois, Texas, and Virginia, we have been so blessed to spend time with all of the people who make it possible for us to do what we do.  We are so grateful to be partnered in ministry with all of you!

We are now hours from our departure for L’viv.  After the four legged journey with two children under two, we arrive Wednesday awaited by a meeting with our leadership that evening, our ‘Kick Off’ Pilgrims worship service for the spring semester the next day, 0 degree weather, and an apartment with frozen pipes and no running water.    

Does that sound a bit crazy?  You bet.  But isn’t that exactly what we signed up for?  Isn’t this all part of the crazy adventure of mission that Shannon and I are so passionate about?  Somehow, we know, that in the middle of this chaos, God is certainly at work.  He is before us, after us, and yes, even in us!  




One thought on “Going….Gone

  1. David, you, Shannon, and the babies are indeed a blessing to all who come in contact with you. Thank you for your service in God’s Army. We love you and will miss you all.


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