We’re Back

We’re back.  We made it safe.  The flights were all on time, we got almost all of our bags, and we are adjusting again to life in Ukraine.  Jet lag has certainly been a whole new experience with a 21 month old.  Still no water in the apartment, and unfortunately we still cannot figure out exactly why, but we have hope it will be resolved soon.

All that being said, it is just wonderful to be back.  We had a very enjoyable Pilgrims worship service on Thursday, a great meeting with our leadership team Wednesday night, and we were very happy to see that things really did hold together in our absence.  Of course, everyone is glad that we are back and can now resume some of our former leadership, but it is great to see folks truly maturing in ministry.

We really appreciate everyone’s prayers and will keep folks updated on things, especially things we shared and requested prayer for during itineration, like our property.

In the meantime, here is an awesome photo of Shannon we found while we were in the US when she was a little over two.  Notice any resemblance to her son?

Just add pigtails.....



…..and this one turned 2 months yesterday


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