We have water!  Finally, late Saturday evening a very determined young plumber was able to bypass a set of frozen pipes and get our water partially flowing.  Most importantly partially flowing with hot water in the shower.  The best moment of the whole fix was when I watched this very innovative fellow do triage on the system by pulling off the cap on the faucet in the bathroom sink, placing his mouth over that faucet, and then sucking as hard as he could, trying to determine exactly where the pipe was frozen.  It actually was rather effective, although I am not sure I would want to have all that nasty brown old pipe water rushing into my mouth.  Blah.

Sunday was our first church service back and it was wonderful.  Not only were there some new folks at the service, these were folks from the homeless community in L’viv and it was very evident that our church family at St. John’s was embracing them and welcoming them to join us in community and communion at the open table of Christ Jesus.  Additionally, everyone was so happy to meet Jeremiah and see the return of the bigger, now slightly verbal, and more assertive Jesse.  The best moment of the service was when Jesse, while standing in the isle and attracting far too much attention during the scripture reading, proceeded to pick his nose, look at the fruits of his labor, and them offer them to a young lady in the congregation!

It is so great to be back.



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