Transitioning to Two

We’ve been back in L’viv a little over month.  Things are going great, and I think I might even venture to say that spring is in sight.  There is so much we’ve missed about Ukraine…the ministry, our friends, the students, the city.  And when you’ve been away from a place for an extended amount of time you even remember it being better than it actually is.  It didn’t take long for us to be back in our reality again…no water in the apartment, not knowing school schedules (Euro Cup is messing with EVERYTHING), Ukraine is currently not sure if they are going to participate in daylight savings time, and my favorite is that the office where Nick and Katie (our interns) registered said it was not the office where they registered when they went back and tried to retrieve a receipt.  Needless to say, they did get away with it because we never were given receipts.

But even with all the ups and downs and transitioning back to life in Ukraine there is also a transition to two babies.  Especially two babies in the winter.  Just when one goes to sleep, one wakes up.  Just when one finishes eating, the other is hungry.  Laundry is a never ending battle with our small machine and no dryer.  And putting on layer after layer whenever we all have to go out is crazy.  Currently Jeremiah is asleep and Jesse is crying in the next room with his sitter.  My parents went home this last Monday, and after being with them for four months, Jesse is not sure why someone else is helping to look after him.

But as I said, we are in transition.  I think maybe the life of a missionary is always in transition, but the trade-offs are worth it, or I wouldn’t be here.  One of those trade offs is being able to sit down and play with my babies when I need to.  Another is being able to schedule playdates with other children during the day because most of our work is in the evening.  I love being around Jesse and Jeremiah and seeing them grow and learn and become real little people.  I guess as soon as I’ve transitioned to having two kids in, we’ll have a third, or as soon as I’ve transitioned to having kids at all, they’ll be headed to college.

But as for now, they are perfect and wonderful just as they are.  Hope you enjoy some recent pictures


Jesse pushed the box to the counter, took the apple out of the bowl, and ate the entire thing all by himself.


We're working on brushing our teeth when we get out of the shower in the morning.


My left-hander hard at work.


Jeremiah learning to be a hunter.


And Jeremiah smiling. This is about all he does right now.


2 thoughts on “Transitioning to Two

  1. Awww….thanks for sharing. Soooo many changes week to week. The pictures are adorable. I hope Spring is just around the corner for you. I’m on my way to College Station for a couple of days with my girls. Noah didn’t get to come for Spring Break; she’s working at Panera’s. Kirstyn is working at Chik Fila (can’t believe I don’t know how to spell it – ha!). Love all 4 of you.
    Aunt Ginger

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