He has Risen!

This year our Easter Celebrations once again fell a week later than those in the west. Easter Celebrations in western Ukraine begin on Clean Thursday and finish the Monday after Easter. On Thursday everyone cleans, on Friday everyone cooks, on Saturday everyone takes their Easter basket of fasted foods to church to be blessed, and on Sunday everyone has a big family breakfast before going to church and then having a big lunch. On Monday you rest. We did too, by going out to one of the homes of a church member for a cook out. The weather wasn’t the best (rainy), but we had fun anyway.

Jesse decorating with a Sharpee

We found an Easter Egg tree (construction paper, decorated eggs) on our way to the market on Saturday

Jesse found the cross that had risen from the tomb.

After the service in Easter Sunday

Nastia, Katie, Jesse and Erika out on the swing

Ruslan and Oleg grilling the chicken

Valero playing us a tune

Jesse and Olenka hanging out

Sasha, Artem and Stas playing cards and telling jokes

Vitya playing ladder golf

Ihor, Dmitro, Nick, Katie, Michael and Volodia gathered around the food, visiting

After we returned home - what a day


3 thoughts on “He has Risen!

  1. I some how stopped getting your blog in my email… well I fixed that problem and I’m now catching up on posts I missed. I love that you guys are carrying on the Goran tradition of hiding the cross. Can’t wait to do that next year with Archer. This year he was preoccupied with that easter basket grass. What a mess! Miss you guys!

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