Illya Onopreyenko

Every year we ask students to join the leadership team at Youth to Jesus.  This team of students is responsible for the planning and carrying out of most things related to the student center.  And most of these students join the team with a true commitment and understanding of what it means to be on this team and to serve the student center as best they know how with their giftings.

Our interns, Nick and Katie, where asked to prepare a short video of one of our students to be shown at General Conference.  I hope most of you United Methodists know General Conference is going on in Florida right now and will be until May 4th (   And for those of you non-United Methodist, this is the four year gathering of the global UMC to meet, talk, celebrate and legislate for the future on the denomination.

The student they chose to highlight in this video to be shown at general conference is one of the young men on our leadership team, who helps coordinate our Thursday night worship service , Pilgrims, and he also plays in the worship band.  I hope through this short video you are able to see his gentle spirit, his humble attitude and his love of the Lord.


20 thoughts on “Illya Onopreyenko

  1. Congratulations to Nick and Katie for producing “The Ukraine Campus Ministry” video for General Conference. We are especially happy to see Ilya featured for his leadership work at the student center. His personal story is amazing and reminds us of God at work in our midst. Allan and Hannah

  2. Prayers for the families and friends of those who God called home – Illya and David. And for healing for your David, Shannon. I’m sure many here at Grace UMC in Manassas will be doing so, too.

  3. What a precious testimony! Thankful for the lives and ministries of Ilya and David who won the race to the Father’s house. Continued prayers for healing for the injured and the entire community as you continue in ministry.

  4. Shannon,
    Many prayers for David’s healing and for your church family as you grieve
    the death of Illya. Also prayers for the VIM teams.
    Love, Diana Stockebrand

  5. I am so sorry for your loss which is all or our loss~ I pray for all involved and connected with this ministry. I’m so sorry~~

  6. Shannon, I am Jeremy’s mom, we met awhile back in Sugar Land. I can not tell you how grieved we are over this tragic loss. I am in prayer for you, David and the Ukraine ministry. It’s something very dear to Jeremy’s heart and I know he will carry the pain of yesterday morning for a long time.

    Praying for David’s recovery, your family and this ministry.

    May you feel God’s hand on you and the pouring out of His love and comfort.


    Janet Marasek

  7. at least, feeling so helpless and far away, people can pray for all the loss being felt by so many in so many ways. god gave us prayer for times like these. to him be the glory and the power. praying especially for david goran to heal beautifully and directing bill and jenny’s steps in knowing when and where to travel.
    suzee carson branch

  8. We are so saddened at this tragic situation! Our entire church will be in prayer tomorrow evening at a special service for all of you.

  9. Shannon,
    We are so sorry to hear of this tragedy. We will lift you and all of the others up in prayer.
    Jan (Williams) Baughman
    Lakewood United Methodist Church

  10. To our brothers and sisters in Christ living in the Ukraine,
    We are deeply sorry to hear of your loss. The families of all those affected will be lifted up in our prayers this week. Dave will be kept in our prayers as well. If there is anything else we can do please let us know. Kim Brewer (Former Lakewood member) now at First Church in Butler, P.A.

  11. Shannon,
    We are so very sorry for the loss of such an outstanding young man whom God had touched and was working in so many lives. We certainly will keep David and all of your family in our prayers – praying for healing, strength, and comfort during this most difficult time for so many. Thinking of you and yours daily,
    Libby and J.R. Allen
    Lakewood United Methodist Church

  12. Praying for you Nick! I don’t know If you remember me I worked with you at Tekoa also with Jennifer. Keep doing great things for the Lord and stay strong! For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11 keep your head up and your faith strong!
    Jessica Sink

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