A season of celebrations

We have had a lot of fun these last two weekends. On the 19th, David and I celebrated 5 years of marriage. We hired a babysitter on Saturday and just spent the day together, walking around the city, eating, walking through parks, drinking, laughing, remembering. I think we’ve might of gained a few pounds, but that’s OK because we did it together.

Starting our day with breakfast in the center of the city.

Two Sundays ago was my first Mother’s Day as a mother of two. We had a picnic with our church family (which had to be inside instead of out due to weather), but was still a lot of fun.

Jesse (2 yrs) and Jeremiah (5 months) on Mother’s Day.

The boys at church on Mother’s Day. Jesse is snacking while Jeremiah is taking a nap on the bed.

And finally, Jesse turned 2. We had a birthday party in the park with his friends, our students from Youth to Jesus and young adults from church. The party started out beautifully, and then the weather changed. Our all afternoon party quickly shrank to an hour. However, we played, ate hotdogs, sang Happy Birthday, ate cake, opened some presents and had a good, however quick time. Jesse enjoyed everything but being sung to. I’m just happy there were 20 other people to help me chase him around the park and make sure he didn’t wonder too far.

There’s a decent playground at the park where we had his birthday.

Jesse receiving some very stylish clothes from his friend Marissa.

Jesse receives a talking Ukrainian phone from the church staff.

A combined effort by Mommy (sky and clouds) and Daddy (airplane).


5 thoughts on “A season of celebrations

  1. What exciting times! Thanks for sharing the photos and stories. I’m looking forward to seeing you guys and everyone there this summer!!!!

  2. Happy Belated Anniversary, Shannon & David. How can it already be 5 years? Thanks for sharing; love seeing pictures of all of you; especially the boys. We will be celebrating our 48th next Wednesday with dinner at Papadeaux’s with your folks. Love you all.

  3. Congrats onn 5 years! Ours is today. We celebrated by going to meet the staff parish at our new church and seeing the church and parsonage. 🙂 We also went out for dinner 2 nights ago and then back in March before Adeline was here and we were preparing to move we took a small beach trip. Crazy how 5 years goes by so quickly and so much has changed within that time.

    Thanks for the update on the boys and life! It’s great to see their pictures and yours.
    Love from your 4 Dillards!

  4. Congrats you guys. I’m so glad you had a sweet time together. Thanks for the note you sent on ours. 🙂 Jenny kept Archer over night and man-o-man sleeping in the next morning was wonderful. We didn’t get up till 8am! 😀

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