Ordination at Annual Conference

Annual Conference once again has come and gone in Ukraine, but this year I did not stay home.  The boys and I tagged along (an 8 hour train ride to Uzhgorod) because this Annual Conference was THE Annual Conference for us.  David’s ordination.

After completing an MA in InterCultural Studies at Asbury Seminary…

After completing his missing United Methodists classes at the German (UM) e-academy (it took another 4 semesters)…

After completing a three year probationary period…

After completing his interview (and everything that goes with it) at Annual Conference…

David was ordained at the worship service that concluded Ukraine’s Annual Conference in Uzhgorod.  David does not have an Annual Conference in America because he did not become a United Methodist until moving to Ukraine.  Therefore he was ordained in the Ukrainian Annual Conference, with all of his direction, supervision and oversight coming from the Ukrainian Methodist Church and its indigineous leadership.

It was a beautiful service that the boys and I tried to mostly attend.  But a 2 1/2 hour service with no child care in 5 languages proved a little lengthy for both Jesse and Jeremiah (and maybe even me).  We played outside and wondered in and out of the service casually (as did the other mothers with young children) but and were able to see all the important parts, at least the parts we traveled to see.

We were also able to say good-bye to our retiring bishop, Hans Vaxby.  He has been a true supporter and encourager of our work in Lviv, and will be missed.  And sweet Jeremiah gave the bishop a big good-bye spit-up right before we parted ways, the things a mother will not forget.

A cultural hall was rented so that 3 local United Methodist congregations could come together for this service.

Bishop Hans with David and Alla preparing for ordination.

The Ordination. On the left, Bishop Hans with DS Vasily Vuksta and Alexander Mirzlakof. On the right, Alla (another pastor being ordained) and David.

Jesse, Jeremiah and I outside playing. It was a little rainy and a little cool, but due to the other children, it all worked out.


6 thoughts on “Ordination at Annual Conference

  1. David, we are certainly proud of you! You deserve lots of credit for persevering through such a rigorous process. Look forward to our time with you, Shannon, the boys and all of our friends in L’viv

  2. Dave,
    Wow, man – what an honor to be ordained in the place that you guys have served so faithfully these last several years. It’s an honor to be in your and shannon’s company as a minister of the gospel.

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