David’s recovery

David is currently recovering from pelvic surgery.  We have not spoken to a doctor, but the nurses all say it went well.  We are still unsure to the duration of our stay in the hospital or in Germany.  He will have to undergo another surgery to have the vacuum removed from his leg that they inserted during the pelvic surgery to help clean out the deep wound.


16 thoughts on “David’s recovery

  1. Shannon, we lift David to the Divine Healer, that his recovery goes smoothly. We surround you, David and the boys in prayer while you walk through this time of trial. May you rest in the assurance of God’s ever-presence, and the knowledge that many, many, many prayer warriors are lifting you and the ministry in Ukraine and the Sugar Land mission team to the throne of grace.

  2. We are continuing to keep you and your family in our prayers. If there is anything else you need or we can do for you, just let us know.
    The Dillards

  3. We continue to keep you all in our prayers, especially David. Thinking of you during these hard days. Mary Hackl, Urbana Grace UMC

  4. Dear Shannon,

    You and David, the boys, the Ukrainian students, the Texas team, and all involved are in my thoughts and prayers. I am praying for a speedy and complete recovery for David. It sounds like he is in good hands now in Munich, plus he is young and strong.

    Our team (along with past teams, pastors from Duncan and Grace) held a prayer service at Grace UMC on Thursday. Know that you have lots of people praying for you. May God wrap his loving arms around you during this trying time and grant you the “peace that passeth understanding” down in your hearts.


    Megan Keaney
    PS: If you think of it, could you please email David’s hospital address to Allan Nixon so he can share it with our team? Several of us would be interested in sending get-well wishes to David. Thanks 🙂

  5. Nice to hear a little good news, glad the surgery went well. Praying in time God heals my bro. Love the whole family. Let the Healing begin Lord!

  6. My heart and prayers go out to all involved in this ministry. May God comfort you and bring you strength in the days ahead.

  7. Bernie and Neal Chamberlain, First United Methodist of downtown Champaign.
    David, Our congregation is sending our prayers for your recovery, and for your family and for the families of those who lost their lives.

  8. Your family, the VIM teams, and your Ukrinian students and congregation remain in my prayers. Rochelle Lacy, Pampa, Tx. FUMC

  9. Shannon, lifting prayers up for David, you, and your beautiful boys. May God grant healing to David and peace and grace to all concerned. Barb Cicone FUMC. Champaign IL

  10. Dear Bill & Jenny, we were shocked to hear about David’s accident and deeply saddened by the deaths of the two young men who were killed on the same occasion. We are praying for David’s full recovery, and will pray also for the families of the young men who died.
    Brian and Elaine Mustain

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