Update on David

David had a tough night (not sleeping well and pain), but after some personal attention this morning he is doing MUCH better.  (David said he loves the German hospitals.)  The kids even stopped by for a visit, and I think that lifted his spirits tremendously.  His leg continues to be cleaned by a vacuum, but this process should be over soon.  I’ll share more in a couple of days.  Thanks for the prayers and notes.  I can feel the support.

One request/question…does anyone have a contact in Munich that could help us locate somewhere to live while we are here?  We need somewhere from Tuesday, July 24th until later (sorry that isn’t more specific).  Please don’t send me anyone’s contact information – just the information of an actual home/apartment that is available.  I am willing/expecting to pay.  Right now the city is full and we cannot find anything.  We need to get out of this expensive hotel and hopefully find a less expensive option soon.  Thanks.


15 thoughts on “Update on David

  1. Thanks soo much Shannon for the updates! We will continue to pray for David’s complete healing and pain relief!!! Currently working on your request/question…

  2. Hey Shannon. We are continuing to pray and have many people (my parent’s church in PA, and our church here in GA praying. So glad David got to see the boys. I know that was great for him. I looked at the mission agency connected with the church I grew up in, but there are no missionaries there is Germany. I will pray though that God provides. Love you!

  3. John Donnelly
    Many prayers for David, you and your family this past weekend and in the days ahead. John Madison, Wisconsin

  4. Thank you so much for the updates. Our church here in Pampa continues to pray for healing for David, strength and courage for you and your families, and now will add housing in Munich. I am confident God will open a door!

  5. Lots of prayers coming at you guys from Austin. We have some friends who used to live in Germany so I will check and see what I can do on the housing front.

  6. Dear Shannon,
    Prayers and caring thoughts coming your way from Champaign. May you and David both feel the strength of the numerous faith communities that support you.
    Thanks so much for the updates. I’m sure that seeing those two darling little boys brightened the day for David. I hope you’re able to make a little time for yourself, too — relax and recharge.

    Linda Hemminger, First UMC Missions, Champaign

  7. Shannon, the Presbyterians are praying too and sending love to all of you. So glad David had a chance to see the boys. Thank you for the updates. We love you.

  8. Shannon, I sent an email to an old friend I studied with 10 years ago who lives in Berlin. If she knows of any places or contacts in Munich, I’ll pass them on. Love, Amanda

  9. You all are constantly in our prayers! i do hope that you will be able to get a less expensive place to stay just wish I knew someone. Please give David our love and let him know that we are praying for a full recovery,

  10. Shannon, I have sent an email to you at your gmail address that I hope you can open. I am a minister at First UMC Conroe and we have a sister church in Munich that we have worked with. They have offered a space. Blessings, Rev. Janet Stilwell

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