David and Housing

David is doing OK.  He had surgery again today to clean the wound on his leg and change the vacuum.  He started physical therapy yesterday, and has been able to sit up (with a lot of help).  An MRI showed that he has a blocked nerve that is causing the lack of motion in his hands, and we are still being told that time will heal this blockage.

As far as housing…we have found a place.  The outpouring of assistance has been amazing, thank you so much.  I just finalized the plans about an hour ago and we will move there in the morning.  I honestly do not know a lot about the family opening up their home except that they have room for all of us and she is from California.  She responded to an email that was sent out by the international church here in Munich that somehow heard about our need.  So please, anyone who is looking, or has asked friends or family to look, call them off.  We will be able to stay at this home until we leave, even though we do not know when that will be.


13 thoughts on “David and Housing

  1. God is good – all the time!! Continuing our prayers of thanksgiving, healing, strength, and courage for all of you!!

  2. Praise Almighty God for answered prayers and His provisions for His children! Continued prayers for a speedy & miraculous recovery for David and strength for Shannon as you both press forward! Love Aunt jojo

  3. So glad to hear this news, Shannon! Prayers continue to flow, for David’s healing, for your stamina, for the boys well-being, for the medical team and physical therapists attending David.

  4. Yay! That is great news about the housing. And thanks for the updates on David. We are glad to hear he is making such good progress.

  5. soooo good to hear updates from you, shannon – grateful for God’s provision for housing and a good medical team. praying for you daily – love you!

  6. Shannon, we have been keeping in touch with your Mom and have received updates. We have been in prayer and are so thankful for the progress David has made so far. We continue to pray for complete healing and we are so happy that the housing situation has been resolved for now. May God continue to guide you each days. May He continue to give the doctors wisdom in all they are doing for David. We will continue to wait and pray with you. Love, Ed and Becky Monto

  7. Prayers were heard! Faith Bridge, Tomball UMC and FB friends have all been keeping up and praying for you all. May God give you strength, endurance and continue to heal David. Thanks for keeping us all updated so we know how to pray for your family.

    Love, Patti Brooks

  8. We continue to pray for David’s healing and for you to experience great peace and comfort from the Almighty during this time.

  9. Shannon – please know you are in our prayers both at St Georges UMC in Fairfax and at GBCS. God bless you all.

  10. I’m pleased to find live information about you. We all very worried because of David’s health. You’re in our prayers. We’re craving God to help you. In case? we could help you, just let me know. We are with you.

  11. Shannon, David and the boys,
    We are praying for you always and wish we could be there to hug your necks. God is good all the time and we all must trust in Him now and forever. Love you all, Jack

  12. I keep you all close to my heart! Praying for David and your family as you figure it all out in Germany. Spoke with Yura and Nate today. Awesome people are back in Lviv – you all need not worry about them.

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